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Home Renovation

As skilled home remodeling contractors, Reilly Construction frequently assists customers seeking to remodel and update living spaces. A home remodel offers the opportunity to revitalize heavily worn or outmoded accommodations. It provides homeowners with a great way to infuse fresh, stimulating design concepts into an existing structure.

One advantage of choosing home remodeling as your method for home renovation: you won’t need to relocate to experience a brand new, updated décor. This option provides a wonderful way to continue enjoying your property. Maintain your close connections with neighbors, schools and familiar environs without sacrificing modernity and convenience!

A well-executed home remodel helps ensure your real estate supplies currency and trendiness. Your dwelling will include the comfortable amenities it requires to remain competitive in the re-sale marketplace. Additionally, your household won’t incur moving expenses or experience any of the stresses so often associated with closing on a new residence by a specific deadline. If your family loves your existing home and grounds, why not consider asking Reilly Construction to furnish expert house remodeling services? Draw upon our extensive experience in this field to obtain all the home renovations you prefer!

Home Remodeling Ideas

As licensed remodeling contractors, we offer a full range of attractive home renovation projects and plans for your consideration. We’ll implement in-demand customized home remodeling ideas at your request. Our available services include skilled home additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and basement remodeling.

Today, a careful remodeling contractor can help homeowners save valuable time and resources. We may suggest practical solutions for unique design problems. Ask us to assist you in accomplishing any of these exciting home remodeling goals:

Home Additions

Have you considered adding a mother-in-law suite to your existing residence? Or erecting a new upper level atop your ranch-style home or garage? When you select Reilly Construction as your home remodelers, you’ll gain the ability to draw upon our extensive experience as builders and craftsmen. We’ll help you evaluate the feasibility of a proposed new home addition. As remodeling contractors, we possess a thorough knowledge of available materials to help achieve your stylistic goals.

Kitchen Remodeling

Today many home renovations include extensive kitchen remodeling. Ask Reilly Construction to assist you in designing and implementing this important project. Whether you seek to “open up” a confined kitchen and add this space to an adjoining room, or whether you simply wish to update and expand available food preparation areas and storage facilities, we can assist you!

Bathroom Remodeling

As a popular remodeling contractor, we receive many requests from homeowners to perform skilled bathroom remodeling. This type of project sometimes encounters challenges due to the placement of the existing plumbing infrastructure. We’ll help you install new fixtures, relocate existing fixtures, and add extra storage and countertop space. Ask us to help transform an uncomfortably small bathroom into an attractive, luxurious modern room contributing to your home’s current residential re-sale value.

Basement Remodeling

Do you need expert house remodeling assistance transforming an unfinished basement into usable living space? Count on the expert home remodelers at Reilly Construction to help you! We possess experience finishing and remodeling basements. Ask us to renovate a basement to provide additional footage for a new home office, bedrooms, storage facilities, exercise or entertainment rooms. We’ll draw upon our knowledge of the construction industry to help you achieve your goals for your residence.