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High-End Home Additions

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Today home additions sometimes accommodate the changing needs of a household better than relocating to a larger residence. Reilly Construction offers the skilled building services required to accomplish this type of complex project. Whether you seek to add a new wing to your house, or to include guest quarters over a garage, we’ll supply essential design and building expertise.

Increase Square Footage with Room Additions

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A room addition sometimes helps a property owner increase a home’s square footage cost-effectively. Reilly Constructions assists many Pennsylvania households by expanding individual rooms within a residence attractively and affordably. Contact us if you’d like to augment bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, bathrooms, mud rooms or sunrooms. We offer high quality services geared towards fulfilling your unique design objectives.

We also add individual rooms to help meet the changing needs of a household. For instance, if you’d like to expand your home to include a mother-in-law suite with a walk-in bath, ask us to perform a quick room addition cost analysis for you. The total expenses involved may prove far less than you imagined.

In some cases, we can create new upper level entrances to help expand usable conformable living space. Room additions sometimes provide surprisingly smart investments for growing families in this situation. For instance, you may require extra space for your household now. Eventually, a separately accessed room addition could provide a source of supplemental income during retirement if applicable zoning rules allow homeowners to utilize the addition as rental property.

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Home Addition Plans

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We offer experienced assistance evaluating home addition plans and performing realistic home addition cost analyses and projections. These services benefit our customers. We appreciate the importance of your home addition to your family’s well being. Whether you seek to expand your residence through a modest home addition, or you’d like us to undertake a major renovation, we’ll treat your home addition plans with care and respect. We possess intimate familiarity with the construction marketplace in this region of Pennsylvania; use our expertise to help finish your project on time and within budget.

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The successful completion of an addition frequently enhances real estate property values. If you’ve contemplated expanding the size of your residence recently, and you’d like to assess the likely costs involved in this project, we’ll gladly provide free estimates upon request. We strive to help our customers achieve affordable building solutions. Let our extensive experience in the construction field help your household enjoy more satisfying home additions!